About Us


Who are we?

QATCH Technologies is founded upon a technology developed at Duke University by Dr. Stefan Zauscher, who is Sternberg Family Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Duke University, and Dr. Zehra Parlak, a postdoctoral researcher at Zauscher Lab. Upon realizing the potential of the invention, Dr. Parlak founded QATCH Technologies in 2016.  


What are we working on?

QATCH Technologies is developing a pre-screening tool for biopharmaceutical drug discovery. Our proprietary technology can determine if a formulation is injectable or if there will be viscosity related manufacturing problem at very early stages. 


What makes us special?

Drug discovery is a long and costly process. We want to give the best odds to the drug discovery teams for picking the right compounds and prevent delays for crucial medicines. Because, every day is important when it is a loved one waiting for the right medicine.